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A recent blog post on graduate student opinions about the use of technology, Grad Students and Digital Education, reported the results of a series of focus groups in which graduate students at Dartmouth had a chance to express their views. A couple of items are worth noting.

Dartmouth graduate students were aware of Stanford’s open online course in artificial intelligence, iTunesU, and MIT’s OpenCourseWare project, and wanted more of the same. Much of what is available online is not relevant to graduate programs at Trinity College, at least not yet. Nevertheless, Dartmouth student opinions raise important questions about graduate instruction in relation to contemporary technology.

  • Should some graduate instruction occur online, perhaps in the form of hybrid courses (in which some face-to-face classes are replaced by online interaction)?
  • Should content of graduate courses be made available to all online?

Dartmouth students also urged more faculty development and training in the use of technology in the classroom and for research. One gets the impression that they felt that some of their instructors were not taking full advantage of instructional technology in their course design and teaching.

What do Trinity College graduate students or alumni/ae think about these issues?

  • Are Trinity graduate faculty utilizing technology in their courses in appropriate ways?
  • Do faculty need more support and training in the use of technology?
  • Should Trinity consider introducing some hybrid courses in order to accommodate graduate students’ busy schedules or serve them better?
  • What do you think about the use of technology in graduate courses?

Join the conversation with your comments!


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