New Grading Scale for Graduate Studies

Effective Spring 2012, the Trinity College Graduate Studies grading scale officially changed. We made this change in order to bring our grading scale into closer conformity with the undergraduate grading scale and with grading scales typical of other graduate programs. In addition, it is necessary to conform to Federal reporting requirements for student aid and other purposes.

This change is effective going forward; it is not retroactive. This means that students enrolled in courses through the Fall Term 2011 and who complete additional courses after that date will have “mixed” transcripts. That is, their transcripts will continue to reflect the former grading scale for all courses completed through Fall 2011; courses completed thereafter will reflect the new grading scale. Since no numerical value was assigned under the former grading scale, no grade point average (GPA), cumulative or otherwise, can be generated for those courses Cumulative GPAs will be generated for the new grades only. An explanation of both grading scales and the change will appear on the key of all official transcripts.

Students who begin graduate study with the Spring Term 2012 will receive grades under the new grading scale only.

For a complete explanation of the new scale, please visit the Academic Regulations page on the Graduate Studies website.


About William Barnett

I am Director of Graduate Studies at Trinity College (Hartford, CT).

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